Retro Rage: Razormaid! // Saturday June 21st

at 9:30pm – 2:00am
10246723_1395106850711767_4159935522657590422_nRage with friends OLD and NEW as we take a trip back to the origins of electronic dance music. With special guest appearance by the man himself, Joseph Watt, remix artist and founder of Razormaid Productions. Joseph will be in attendance and signing autographs by request.

DJ Brad Freels
DJ Mike Castillo

Guest Deejays:
DJ John Housman (Numbers/Houston)
DJ Corey Cannon (Dallas)
DJ Jason Jenkins (Austin)
DJ Grant Dishman (Austin)
DJ Michael Holcombe (Austin)

Shortly after the demise of disco in the late 70’s and well before remixing became common practice in the music industry, there was Razormaid! Founded by Joseph Watt and Art Maharg, Razormaid is THE preeminent remix service of the 80’s and 90’s and beyond, providing a spectacular and comprehensive catalog of dance music that spans more than two decades and graces countless dance-floors around the world. This is the story of Razormaid as told by the music itself, curated by DJs who lived it the first time.

About Loft718
In complete contrast to today’s massive, impersonal, over-commercialized Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festivals, Loft718 is an intimate-sized venu providing a “small batch” approach to the dance music scene in Austin. Located in the heart of downtown, just blocks from the state capital, Loft718 provides the comfort of your living room against the backdrop of a rapidly-growing city. It is the perfect venue to host niche events and alternatives to the mainstream madness that has come to characterize much of Austin’s nightlife.


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