☆★ Risqué – A night submerged in Deep :: Dark :: Sexy :: Beats ★☆

Please join us on Thursday July 24’th for a fun night of Deep House and proper Techno.This month I’m very excited and so thankful that I will be joined yet again by a very good friend and someone I have mucho respect for both as a person and a DJ…hailing from the birth place of Techno…Detroit, Michigan, we have Jon (E)ric on the dacks delivering a mind bending array of fresh beats with a lot of backbone. He plays soulful House and brings in Techno better than anyone in the the surrounding area in my opinion. So, you don’t want to miss this, trust me. Come early and dance all night with us as we gather for a night overflowing with fresh underground HOUSE MUSIC sprinkled with Disco and a splash
of Techno. This one is gonna be banging with sick music from every angle all night long.
We all aim to bring what we LOVE to the table in hopes of sharing great and memorable times that manage to hug you, warm your soul, Heat Up your feet, and make you sweat.

21+ with valid ID


::Lance Herrin::

Still a baby in DJ years with a LOVE and appreciation for music of all kinds. After an introduction to Techno out of Berlin in the early 90’s, I stumbled around through years of Trance, Progressive, and Tech House until around 2011 when I realized the sounds that moved me the most mentally, spiritually, and physically was this thing called DEEP HOUSE. You could say that it was then when I saw the light. I realized where my TRUE passion lies and after years of procrastinating and some needed motivation from good friends/DJ’s saying “You’re track collection is way to good for you not to be DJ’ing.” I finally dove in and currently play mostly Deep House as well as some Tech House and Detroit flavored Techno. I still have much to learn and I’m very much looking forward to a beautiful ride.


::Jon (E)ric::


LANCE HERRIN :: 10:00 TO 11:30

JON E(R)IC :: 11:30 TO 1:00

TAG SET :: 1:00 TO 2:0010480688_895987003747969_5243852966834051741_n


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